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Help us Fund 32 Schools in Madagascar

About 75 percent of the population of Madagascar are found living in poverty. That is 16 million Malagasy people, most of whom under the age of 20 years. Help us change that.

This campaign aims to fund 32 schools in Madagascar. They struggle with teachers salary and food and furniture for the kids. We've already worked on 1 region there, at Imerintsiatosika, where we have helped 32 schools . It's not enough and that's why we need your help to bring more aid to these schools, otherwise they will close.

"A lot of effort is needed here to educate people in various domains," shares Eliza Talata, one of the Village teachers in the town of Imerintsiatosika.

"When you see how dismissive and flippant some people are you don’t feel like doing anything; but, on the other hand, when you see school-loving children, you want to do something, however little that may be!"

We have set up this page for the good Malagasy people to try and give them a change for a better life. Please share this site with family and friends. We would be incredibly grateful for any support you are able to give. We are also accepting cash or cheque donations. Please contact us through this site for further details. Please help us to help Madagascar.

We at The Left Foot Corp. aims to improve the standard of living of each Malagasy household by promoting access to quality education and healthcare such as offering training activities to teachers and educators, conducting a program that focuses on training health personnel and improving quality care in hospitals. Help spread the word!

We welcome your donation!

Any amount is greatly appreciated, and will certainly help in our commitment to raise more funds for Malagasy people. Please support if you can this link.


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