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Position:  Program Specialist


The Left Foot Corp is recruiting a program specialist to assist in the development and management of its projects in Madagascar.  The Program Specialist will work under the direct supervision of our Program Manager in Antananarivo with general guidance provided by members of the Board of Directors in the U.S.  This position is part-time but may require full-time work during the implementation period of specified projects.  The place of work is our office in Manjakaray, Antananarivo.


The duties of the position include (but are not limited to):

Identify needs for education, health, and local economic development projects in communities in Madagascar.

In collaboration with the Program Manager and members of the Board of Directors, and through contacts with local public and private agencies, develop projects to address the identified needs.  The project proposal will describe the need, propose activities and actions to address the need, identify partners, develop a budget, and outline appropriate methods of evaluation and assessment of the project’s impact and effectiveness. The project proposal must be based on personal visits to the affected community and provide detailed assessment of need and of the capacity of local partners to benefit from it.

Develop contacts with agencies of the Government of Madagascar, educational institutions, and local or international NGOs in Madagascar with a goal of building partnerships or obtaining grants or contracts to carry out projects.

Once a project is approved for implementation by the Board of Directors, assure logistic and program support to carry out the project.

Write, in English, the final reports for the project as required by the Board of Directors and any partners or funders.

Write, in English, French or Malagasy as appropriate, press releases and social media posts regarding the projects.



Must be a Malagasy citizen or legal resident of Madagascar authorized to work in the country. 

Knowledge of community education, health and local economic development needs in Madagascar.

Ability to interact effectively with community leaders, government authorities, local and international NGO staff, and journalists.

Professional level ability to speak and write in English, French and Malagasy.

Ability to take photographs of projects and activities.

Ability to travel to program sites in Madagascar.

Good knowledge of computer applications (such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and preferably basic knowledge of web design.

Knowledge of program evaluation and assessment.

University degree in a relevant field.

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