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The Left Foot, Corp. is a non profit organization founded in May 2014 with a goal of providing effective support to the most vulnerable population, especially children and young people in Madagascar. We also aim to promote shared responsibility within local communities by ensuring sustainable social development and better education.


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The Left Foot, Corp concentrates on training school teachers and educators. We also focus on training health personnel and awareness campaigns will be conducted to promote these efforts:

  • Obtain and deliver equipment and supplies for Hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

  • Support educational initiatives for school institutions and healthcare providers

  • Increase awareness in the United States of education and healthcare needs in Madagascar

  • Partner with other organizations to maximize the aid we can provide

  • Raise funds to support these efforts


Left Foot, Corp. was created from the initiative of few Malagasy people living in the United States of America and former Peace Corps Volunteers in Madagascar. Our main objective is to make social change happens by promoting access to quality education, improving health care, and preparing young people to be a democratic citizenship.

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