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Expanding upon The Sims® 2 and The Sims 2® Super Edition™ games, the Makin' Magic expansion pack includes new career paths, magical spells, and other magical powers. Cast a spell in the Makin' Magic expansion pack to harness the full power of magic. There are three new career paths in the Makin' Magic expansion pack: Sorcerer, Magus, and Hexenmeister. Sorcerer's spells are intended to be fun and playful. Magus spells are used for mischief and mischief alone. And Hexenmeister's spells are used for pure devastation. Each of the three new career paths, Sorcerer, Magus, and Hexenmeister, begins with basic spells. As you advance in your career, you will gain access to more spells and more powerful spells, as well as unique effects. As you advance in your career, you'll begin to explore the mystical, and develop a mastery over your spells. With your spells, you'll be able to accomplish amazing feats! Animated Titles: Add a touch of magic to your Sims' lives! In The Sims 2 Makin' Magic expansion pack, you'll be able to call on a magical animated title for yourself or for your loved ones to help improve their quality of life. Designed specifically for The Sims 2® Makin' Magic Expansion Pack, the animated titles feature whimsical characters and a distinctive fantasy setting. Play through each title as your Sim improves in job and social skills, fulfilling his or her aspirations. With the Makin' Magic expansion pack, you can raise your Sim's power with 3 new magicks:Runes, which add strength and defense to your Sim, as well as the ability to summon friends and allies to your aid, Hexenmeisters' Rings, which add more damage to your Sim's spells, and the Oaken Wand, which boosts your Sim's magical power by 10. You'll also get 1 new mystical wand: the Shaman's Wand, which boosts your Sim's magical power by 20, and allows your Sim to perform rituals, although you'll have to first unlock them.The Sims 2 Makin' Magic Expansion Pack includes 7 new magical items. The first is the Witch's Garland. This item allows your Sim to cast the classic black cat spell. But don't be fooled! This spell has a seriously bad side effect - it causes your Sim to run a higher risk of transforming into a cat! The rest of the items




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Downloadsimsmakinmagicfullversion [Updated]

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